Best Online Cricket Betting Tips To Increase Your Profit

The introduction of online betting has made it even much easier for Indian people to bet on different cricket matches, regardless of where they are hosted. Even punters have got the opportunity to keep their online gambling excitement by placing the wagers live through in-play or live betting. Considering the rapidly rising interest of more and more people for online cricket betting, bookmakers are creating more betting opportunities. Curious about what it takes to make more money through online cricket betting in India? More than thousands of people try placing wagers on different betting markets, but only a few pull it off. In this post, you will find the best tips that can help you to get an edge over competitors.  

Types Of Cricket Bets You Can Make Online

Drastic improvement in Indian online cricket betting has resulted in the increased numbers of crickets bets that you can choose from. So, it is obvious to get confused while deciding which is the most popular type of cricket bets. Here are some of the best bets to make on cricket online in India. 

  • Match Betting

It involves placing a wager on the team that is more likely to win a particular match. 

  • Top Batsman

Simply place a wager on which player (batsman) will score higher runs in a specific match, series or an inning. 

  • To Win The Toss Bet

It requires a bettor to guess which team will be the winner of a toss in a specific match. 

  • Player Performance

In this type of cricket bet, you simply have to determine whether a particular player will score runs below or above the specified amount. 

  • First Innings Score

It involves making a bet on a team’s score at the end of the first inning. 

  • Series Winner 

This type of bet is about simply placing a bet on which team will win the series. 

  • Top Bowler

This cricket wager requires a punter to predict and bet on which player (bowler) will take the most wickets during the course of a series, tournament, or a match.

  • Total Fours

Predict whether the total numbers of fours score by a particular team will be over or under the specific amount. 

  • Outright Winner

It is placed on any team participating in a specific tournament. For example, Indian Premier League (IPL) or ICC World Cup. 

  • Double Chance

In this type of bet, you have to place a wager on which team will win or draw. 

  • Batsman Runs

Batsman Runs wager include placing a bet on whether a batsman will score under or over described total of runs. Don’t forget that it is placed before a batsman in question faces his/her delivery. 

  • Draw No Bet

It is much similar to the Match Betting except that it ends as a draw. 

  • Tied Match

This kind of cricket bet is generally offered during test matches and placed on the match that has the chances to end in a draw.  

Alongside these cricket betting markets, you have a bunch of different types of cricket bets that you can make online. It includes Over/Under Totals, To Score 50 Runs, Method of Dismissal, Individual Bowlers Series Wickets, Runs Off Delivery, Century to Be Scored in the Match, Team of Top Batsman, Most Match Sixes, Toss Combination, Match Score, Most Run Outs, Man of the Match, and Player of the Series.  

While selecting any of these cricket bets or markets, you need to be more cautious as odds can change significantly when these markets turn in-play. 

How To Boost Your Profit While Betting On Cricket Online?

Cricket betting is a game of skill where you cannot depend on your luck, but need a well-organized strategic approach. It can be challenging to get an edge over the bookmakers and gain the better return on your investment. If you are looking for the ways through which you can win on cricket and increase your profit, then simply follow the tips and tricks given below –

  • Study Stats

Before selecting any cricket market and placing a bet on it, do some research work. Study updated stats and check out the previous results at the ground in question to gather the most useful clues related with pitch characteristics, run-rate, match winner, and innings total. 

  • It’s Good To Bet On Both Teams

Most of the players usually bet on one cricket team and keep placing wagers on that particular team irrespective of the current betting scenario. The momentum of a game keeps on changing rapidly and regularly in cricket betting especially in T20. So, there is a possibility that your favorite will turn into the outsider and outsider into your favorite game. At that time, you have only one option to place wager on other team that guarantees improved profit. So, don’t afraid to bet on both teams, but be more careful while doing this.

  • Multiple Accounts

Having accounts at more than 3 sportsbook can prove highly advantageous to make money with cricket betting. Here, the term “Multiple Accounts” does not mean creating various accounts using different names at the same site, but at different bookmakers. Never try to have multiple accounts at one sportsbook as it may put you into the biggest trouble. Multiple accounts is an excellent way to pay less to make the bets. In simpler terms, you will make big amount on your wins and lose less amount on the losses.  

  • Read Pitch Conditions

Don’t ignore the importance of pitch conditions because it holds the great significance in enjoying the successful sports betting online. So, learn the better ways to properly read how a pitch will play, what will be its pace, what type of help it can offer to the bowler, how it will favor the batsman, what run-rate will be there in short-term and over the duration of a specific match or innings, and how fast it will reduce.  

  • Don’t Ignore The Significance Of Weather Forecast

Climatic conditions, especially rain, plays a vital role in cricket. But, don’t rely completely on forecasting the rain because bookmakers will have determined that as well. It is good to get well-versed with the quality of the ground and weather conditions on the specific day. Dry and sunny weather will make bowling challenging by creating difficulty for a bowler to make the ball swing. But, this will be the advantageous chance for an opening batsman to play longer and score higher runs. So, you should bet on a team that is recognized for perfect batting. However, humid and damp weather will go in favor of a bowler by allowing them to move the ball much more easily. At that time, you must bet on a team known for bowling attack.    

  • Bankroll Management

This is one of the most important tips recommended not just for cricket game, but all types of online sports betting. To make money through sports betting, it is essential to have the large bankroll that can easily handle the losses. Make sure that it is large enough to get simply split up between various books or accounts. While setting up the bankroll, always keep in mind that you should have required money for everyday living expenses that you would not have to take out the profits until you have the higher bankroll. 

  • Don’t Bet On Draws In Test Matches 

Betting on the draw in test matches is very popular among cricket punters. But, do you know the fact that it becomes difficult to support the draw when 2nd or 3rd day of a test match seems that it may proceed forever? Instead of betting on draws, find out which team has the momentum and then back them accordingly. 

  • Arbitrage

You can arbitrage by having multiple accounts at numerous sportsbook. Do you know what do we mean by the term arbitrage? It is an activity where you place a bet on all the possible outcomes of an sporting event that will guarantee the satisfactory profit regardless of the result. 

  • Buying Runs

You may find it extremely challenging to buy runs when you are placing wagers on spread betting or over/under. However, you will have higher potential to win huge sum when buying runs. Placing wagers on ‘the overs’ is popular among bettors, but you will get a much more competitive edge when bet on ‘the under’.  

  • Register With A Reputable Bookmaker

Here, we are not talking just about considering the range of cricket betting markets you can take advantage of, but keeping in mind all important factors. You must join a sportsbook that is regulated and licensed by recognized authorities for legally practicing and promoting the sports betting activities online. There is no benefit of winning the money if you will never receive it. Pick a bookmaker that allows winners to get back their winning amount. Choose a bookie that offers different types of favorable cricket bet, live streaming, in-play betting, and special deals such as reduced juice or cash back.  

Cricket Betting In Indian Rupees

Some online betting apps welcome Indian punters and allow them to deposit and bet at their favorite cricket match or team in India Rupees – INR. Acceptance of national currency makes it easier for players from India to place wagers under the comfortable circumstances. Betway, 10Cric, and Bet365 are the most recommended bookmakers that offer the biggest convenience of making deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees with a host of payment methods.