Everything about ICC World Test Championship Betting

The bettors from all across the world usually chase the ideas of ‘How ICC World Test Championship work and how to bet successfully on it?’. If you too are one of those confused punters and have a lot of questions, then don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions regarding the tournament. 

Here you will find everything related to the World Test Championship starting from the AI-based Odds system showing updated odds or the real-time odds to the detailed analysis and the best betting sites for WTC betting. Stay tuned, and find answers to all of your queries. 

Comparing ICC World Test Championship Betting Odds 

All set to bet on the ultimate winner of ICC WTC? Wait, first make sure to compare the odds at different bookmaker sites. It is an important step to always compare is that the odds fluctuate most of the time once a tournament or even a match has concluded. 

Also, a specific bookmaker may offer you better value than others. For instance, one bookmaker has offered odds of 1.40 for India winning the World Test Championship, while the other one might be offering odds on a batsman at 1.73. Hence it is important to look around to get the better odds that leave a fine margin. 

WTC Betting Odds Online 

Now that you know the importance of shopping around before betting the odds offered by different bookmakers, it’s time to know some of the best bookmakers online that accept INR and payout instantly. You can select Betwinner, 22Bet India, Melbet, Leo Vegas Sports and many such websites for the World Test Championship. Here you can find the huge markets along with the best odds for WTC.

How does the ICC World Test Championship work?

If you are a beginner and want to understand the mechanism of the ICC World Test Championship, we’ll let you know about it all. Let’s understand it all with the help of an example. Let us suppose, you want to stake on India beating England during WTC at Eden Gardens, and the Indian team is at an odd of 1.80 for winning, while the England team is at 5.00. 

If you have a feeling that Indian Captain and his team will thrive the ambiance at Kolkata then place INR 1000 on their winning. And if the things turned out to be the same, then you will get an instant payout of INR 800 along with your initial stake of INR1000 back. 

While in the other case, if you are confident that the England Captain and his team have more chances of winning at 5.0 and place your bet of INR 1000, then you bag an amazing winning of INR 4000 along with the initial stake of INR 1000. See, it does not involve any rocket science, but is rather simple. However, if you still need help, click on the team of your choice and take the help from the box located at the right-hand corner at the top to figure out how much you will win, and the app you’ll be using will do all the work for you when you put down your stake. 

How to Enhance Your Chances of Winning WTC?

Everyone bets to win and we assume you are not an exception. Hence, when it comes to improving your chances of winning the bet in WTC, then it is always advised to stay stick to the basic rule – Always support the home team. In general, there might be odd exceptions, test cricket matches are mostly unbalanced when you favor the hosts. 

For example, it was eight years ago, when India lost a test series when the team gave in to Alastair Cook’s England in December 2012. You will have to track the conditions along with taking team performance into account. 

Drawn matches are the other aspect that needs to be kept in mind. So, it is also better not to neglect the possibility of rain. If a forecast detects three to five days of rain, then it simply means the results of the matches will not be concluded, as there has been a loss of so many overs. 

So, this was our guide for you on ICC World Test Championship where, we hope, you can find the answers to most of your queries.