Everything You Need To Know About Online Sports Live Betting

Sport gambling world has made a lots of advancements over the last decade and what we all are seeing and enjoying today is a fully changed face. There was a time when a punter has to make a bet and watch the complete match until it ends to determine whether they win or lost. Thanks to the technological developments that have made it possible to place bets from the comfort of home, live, and on the move while watching the game play out. This feature is called in-play betting, in-game betting, live betting, or in-running betting.


What Is Live Betting?

A bet made any time after a cricket, football or other sports match starts and before it ends is referred as live betting. In simpler terms, it is a type of bet placed when a game is live. Please note that odds and lines keep on fluctuating with the progress of a match. So, it is recommended to keep eyes on the changing odds and bet accordingly. Since it is a complicated system that depends heavily on technology, not all sportsbook or gambling sites offer the option of live betting.


How Sports Live Betting Odds Are Calculated?

When any sports betting site creates new lines within a specific event’s course of action, it is known as in-running odds. Traders or odds compilers are the people, who perform this task. To calculate the odds, a punter has to consider certain vital things – 1) possibility of new future result of each game, and 2) House advantage.


Live Betting On Cricket

The magic of very popular game cricket and cricket betting is spreading around the globe like a heavy storm. The top betting sites are bringing the best in cricket betting ranging from domestic tournaments, leagues, to international competitions. 10CRIC offers one of the most exciting cricket betting ways punters can folllow to take the full advantage of many betting options available. It includes ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC), Ashes Series, ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, Champions League Twenty20, Test Matches, T20 World cup, and Indian Premier League – IPL. It provides the most secure platform to enjoy safe and exciting cricket betting online.

In addition, 10CRIC developed an Android mobile betting app with the convenience to bet, deposit, withdraw, and enjoy betting from the couch. It also gives punters the best cricket betting bonuses and promotions to satisfy each and every gambler. New users can receive a ₹7,500 Welcome Bonus on signing up now. There is a special Mega Cricket + Sports Reload bonus that offers up to 50% bonus.

Live Betting On Football

When it comes to betting on Football, Calcio, Soccer, or Futbol, whatever you say, you’ll find more than thousands of betting markets. Live betting provides added information to plan the best schemes, strategies, and tactics. The reputable and trusted online sports betting site Betway offers numbers of football betting markets, events, and some of the highly competitive football odds. The vast array of wager options include Football Leagues, Premier League, Europa League, Champions League, and Bundesliga. Bet365 is another bookmaker that facilitates football live betting.

When learning the ways to bet on NFL football, keep in mind that a team with high lead has the possibility to run the ball more. A team drawing by the large margin have to throw more for faster catch. The line can shift greatly if an underdog emerges at the beginning.


Live Betting On Baseball

What is so special about baseball sports betting is that it allows gamblers to dive deep into the mind of managers of each team to guess what is running in their mind. If you have excellent prediction ability, you still require the accurate result from the fight between a guy in the batter’s box and another on the mound.

To have unlimited entertainment and great winning all year round, register with the well-recognized sports betting site 10CRIC, which gives the chance to bet live on matches. It provides the huge array of baseball betting options covering Asian games and globally. You can bet on the most famous baseball events across the world to win. Some of the baseball betting options include Japan NPB League, National American League, MLB (Major League Baseball), International Baseball League, and so many more. Thus, explore the baseball betting opportunities with better odds such as 1st Inning Odd/Even, Baseball League Winner, Full-Time Winner, Total Runs in 5 innings, and lots more.

While wagering live on any baseball tournament or match, never forget that pitching is everything. Carefully listen to the announcers or broadcasters to remain updated about every minute. Stay tuned to the changes taken place in the lines and over/under ranges. The loss of any big wager can result in these shifts.


Live Betting On Basketball

Much like cricket and football, the fans of basketball also have the large numbers of live betting opportunities at Bet365 and Betway. These bookmakers offer the most competitive odds in the sports gambling industry, no matter whether they want to bet through desktop or mobile devices. From NBA, EuroLeague, Champions League to NCAA, you can experience betting at all on these reliable betting sites. There are up-to-the-minutes or you can say live betting markets that change with the progress of the specific basketball game. Thus, if in-play or live betting is your favorite thing, then choose any of these sites to benefit from your potential fightback.

The new lines will keep on refreshing throughout the game. According to the research report, it has been identified that some bookmakers offer over 2,200 live line changes in one 48-minute game. Thus, be prepared by considering which players are there on the floor, how the coaches select to use their starters and bench, and most importantly what are the shooting percentages & tendencies of the players. The shooting percentage is assumed to balance out over the duration of 48 minutes. Hence, thoroughly determine their season averages and bet on the basis of numbers they usually generate.


Live Betting On Horse Racing

The completely legalized game horse racing is also available to bet live for enhanced fun. Even though, there are numbers of online sports betting sites, not all of them offer the feature of in-play betting. Bet365 is one of the prominent bookmakers globally that provides in-play betting markets for horse racing. Before you start placing a wager, gather the most crucial information of a daily race form to make the confident, well-informed, and educated bets. It will help you in understanding how bets work and what ways to follow to learn the pre-race facts. Eventually, you’ll be able to determine who you should wager on and for what reasons.

Take out some quality time and learn the basic details about the horses & jockeys. Then, move on towards gathering the information about the owner of a horse, the stable, and all associated terminologies. Besides this, there are certain things that you must consider in your account while making live bets on horse racing. Some of these factors include –

Jockey performance history – how many big races he has won? Has he worked well with a particular horse?

Odds – How does a specific horse compare to its year-to-date record? Does he performs well on the wet climatic conditions or runs perfectly on the bright sunny days?

Owner’s Record – Determine whether the owner has healthy horses or they have any injury or other health issues.


Are You Ready For Live Sports Betting? Consider These Tips

No matter whether you are a fan of cricket, horse racing, football, or any other Indian or international sports, betting live requires you work on proven strategies. There are more than dozens of tips and tricks to follow depending on the sports you have selected (as already discussed above in each section). Live sports betting can be rewarding, exciting, and beatable if you have the ability to correctly predict what is going to happen at the next minute within the specific match.

Here are some strategies and tips you can follow to go in the right direction and dominate live betting to get the framework you require for bigger wins.

  • Ensure in-game interface is excellent for seamless lines updates.
  • Research the sports you’re betting and gather much knowledge possible.
  • Learn about the teams, players, and tournaments of your selected sport.
  • Explore the hedging opportunities (placing a bet on other sides of a game to lock up profits from pre-game wagers).
  • Scout the wagers you want to watch beforehand and wish to attack.
  • Choose the reliable online sportsbook such as Bet365, Betway, and 10CRIC to have safe and thrilling betting experience.
  • Select the odds better than what you have initially selected.
  • Never ever place a wager against yourself.
  • Don’t use live betting to chase losses.
  • Never let betting opportunities overrule on you to take bad lines.
  • Never place a live bet on too many games at the same time.

In-play or live betting can be highly profitable way to take advantage of available online sports betting opportunities. Hence, keep some patience and start placing a wager considering these tips.


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