What is double chance cricket betting and how does it work?

With the growth of Cricket as a great entertainment industry, the betting industry has been growing too. From beginners to advance we have heard of betting a lot and it is growing as a huge industry itself. There are many kinds of bets and one of which are tailored for both beginners and professional needs is the Double Chance Bet. This is a bet known for high rewards at a lower risk in comparison to the other bets. Now as the name suggests this means that you have the chance to double your winnings. 

Now clearly in Double Chance bets, you can bet on the two outcomes of the game. Double chance is also involved in other game which has three outcomes win, loss and a draw. Cricket has all three possible outcomes and thus Double Chance bets work in this game. Now a convention bet allows you to bet on one of these outcomes while a double chance bets provide the flexibility of betting on two thereby decreasing the risks and helping you win more. However, the only disadvantage of these bets is that the odds of winning are lower than any conventional betting method. 

What is a Double Chance Bet?

Now a game which has three outcomes and betting on one there is a 33.33% of winning a bet. Now with Double Chance bets by you can bet on both the sides and thus increase your chance of winning to 66.66%. This all what a Double Chance bet does, giving you the flexibility to cover two possible outcomes within one bet. 

The odds are lower as compared to the traditional bets where you bet on a single outcome. Double Chance betting is a very popular bet among the beginners as well as it is used by the professional players, the main reason for professional could be that they can bet on underdogs as well as the home team regardless of the market backing. 

What is the working of Double Chance Bet?

The possible outcomes which could be bet on in the Double Chance bet are: 

Draw and Away Team win

In this type of bet, you will only win if a match ends on a draw or either a win for the visiting team. You will lose the bet if the home team wins.

Draw and home Team win

In this bet, one wins if the match ends in a draw or the win for a home team. You lose the bet of the away team wins. 

Home Team win & Away Team win

In this case, the person wins if any of the team wins and they lose the bet if the match ends on the draw. The only difference is that the wagering amount and the winning amount is different for each case you don’t simply double the amount with each win. 

Advantages of making A double Chance Bet

This type of bit is less risky and you give yourself more chance to win a bet on a site like 22bet. Let’s take a look at the advantages of double chance bet

Higher odds of winning a bet

This is a simple calculation; unlike the traditional betas the bet allows you to select two outcomes in a single bet the chances of winning are more. 

Low Risk

This a low-risk strategy with increasing the chance of win to 66.66%. The possibility of backing two outcomes gives a sense of security.

Profitable if the match is between equals

When two equally competitive teams are playing match then one bet way is very risky and, in such cases, Double bet turns to be the safest option. Also, it is difficult to pick one outright favourite, in these cases, Double Chance betting is a functional strategy especially when the team are playing last in the league fixture. The game is of points which differs from better to better and you can back away any two options. 

High value bet if you back the underdog

There are few sports which can be very tense and cricket is one of them. In-game there is always an underdog which can rise to shine. There are few factors like the home ground or jet lag of the foreign team which comes to the home team. Thus, when you are betting the odds of the underdog team will always be higher. Thus, by betting on the underdogs and one more option you can not only increase the chances of a win but with other option balance out the chance of risk. 

Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

The only disadvantages are that the odds are very less. When you back two options in a single game the chances of the return money on the amount you bet into the game would be less. Thus, it has less ROI. However professional better use this in their favour by placing various bets at different places to make sure that they are going to win in any case and carry a good amount of earning home but it takes time to become proficient in the Double Chance betting. Also, if you supporting the favourites in the game double chance betting my not be a good option. 

Double Chance Betting Tips

Form of both Teams

The bet is specifically made where both the team as had a mixed result whenever come in front in the past. In this, way you have to check the recent form to know the positions of the team at that precise moment. 


Check the recent stats and also look for your personal favourites. Never bet when you are not sure about betting you can go on in the next game.