Online Betting Apps

Do you want to place bets on the go? How about placing bets on your favourite sports from your mobile while you watch the game on TV or wait for someone in your car? Enter the best betting apps.

But here is the catch: not all betting apps are created equal. Some do not meet safety standards, while others sport a clumsy interface. So, how do you choose the best among all? We have done all the heavy lifting for you.

The Best Selection in 2022

Rating Welcome Offer Bet Here!
1 22Bet
100% bonus up to ₹10,000
100% bonus up to ₹8,000
3 LeoVegas
100% up to ₹10,000 extra when you bet on odds of 1.80 or higher
4 MELbet
100% bonus up to ₹20,000


Frequently asked questions about Betting Apps.

Are betting apps legal in India?

Yes, betting apps carry the same legal purview as betting sites. This means as long the betting app is from the betting site based overseas, Indians can place bets on them. 

What sports to bet on using a betting app?

You can place bets on a variety of sports on a betting app, just like on a betting site. You can place bets on football, cricket, horse racing, tennis, basketball, football etc. 

How does a betting app work?

A betting app is an extension of a betting site. The layout and theme follow the same suit as their respective betting site. 

Such betting apps of respective betting sites can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and can be used just like any other gaming app. 

What makes a good betting app?

1. Live Streaming

If you are into live streaming, settle for no less. Live streaming has made it to online betting sites for a while now. Do you expect it to be available on betting apps as well? Yes, you can. Some of the good betting apps provide in-app live streaming, as well. 

You can watch your favourite match live in HD quality and place bets alongside. Betting apps provide live streaming on some of the popular betting sports like cricket, football, horse races, and more. 

Not all betting apps offer live streaming as they are expensive. The owners have to buy the telecasting rights or collaborate with channels to embed live streams on the app. 

2. Easy Interface and Navigation

Navigation and interface are easy on big screens as there is ample space to accommodate the menus and stuff. However, it’s tough to accommodate multiple menus and pages in restricted screen sizes with mobile apps. 

Thus, an easy interface on mobile betting apps is crucial. You need to make sure everything is laid out perfectly. All menus are easily navigable and load easily. You can also try to open different betting options and payment methods to check the interface. 

3. In-Play Betting

In-play betting has multiplied the fun of betting. In traditional times, the player was allowed to set their stakes before the start of the game only. If you missed the time, you were not allowed to place bets thereafter. 

With in-play betting, the bettor can place bets any time before or during the match. Some of the betting options are most exciting to bet on while the game is still on. The odds of winning the bets are high, but so are the stakes. You can live stream and place bets till the very last moment of the match, making it all the more fun and interesting. 

4. Live Chat

Live chat on betting apps is also important. At any moment, if you feel like you are wronged while placing a bet or you are unable to understand the functioning of the bet type, you can use the live chat option to clear your query. 

Live chat provides instant help and clears the issue. Moreover, availing live chat option is less cumbersome than on a website as the website is more crowded compared to betting apps. You can expect to be heard almost instantly on a betting app with a live chat feature. 

5. Cashouts

Cash-out is one of the latest features provided by betting sites. According to this, the bettors can limit their losses to a certain extent. In this, bettors are allowed to cancel their placed bet before a specific period if they think they will lose it. The online sportsbook refunds a part of their placed wager amount. 

Cashouts are also available on betting apps. Do not compromise, thinking such a feature is available on betting sites only. Cashouts can be used on both single and multiple bets but are most advantageous when used on multiple bets. Multiple bets include more than two selections of bets. For instance, when betting on football, you can wager on multiple bets like who will score the first goal + which team will team + number of goals will be even or odd at the same time. 

6. Payment and Banking Options

Do check the payment and banking options within the betting app. First of all, it should list the deposit option that is easily accessible to you. Furthermore, the payment process should be encrypted and should be safe. Read the reviews of the apps to be sure. 

Have a look at the withdrawal options. It should list some options that accept deposits and allow withdrawals from the same method. This is more convenient and results in faster payouts. Don’t miss out on important bonuses and promotions when choosing a betting app as well. 

7. Security

Security on a betting app is equally vital. Make sure the betting app is not fake and is downloaded from a legal source. It should be linked with its official website to check its authenticity. 

Look for security features like 2-factor authentication, SSL certificate, and encryption for security. The betting app should also have an active license and be registered under gambling authority for it to be legal and safe to play. It should also support responsible gambling. 

Pros and Cons of Betting Apps

Pros of Betting Apps Cons of Betting Apps
✔   Indulge in betting on the go ✘   Restricted screen size
✔   Easy to live stream and know the match details ✘   More likely to become addicted
✔   Provides a detailed description of events
✔   Easy to place bets
✔   Convenient to make payments and make withdrawals
✔   Take advantage of special bonuses and promotions
✔   Free to download and use
✔   Supports all devices
✔   Available in multiple languages

How To Use a Betting App In India?

It is easy to use a betting app in India. The steps to follow include:

1. Find a suitable betting app

First things first, choose a suitable betting app of your choice. You can weigh down your options by looking at the best features of each app. You can then narrow down the list as per your choices and needs. 

Comparing the bonuses and promotions can be one way to narrow it down. Other considerations can be an interface, availability, language preference, loading time, cash-out feature etc. 

2. Create an account

Once you have chosen a betting app, register and create an account on the same. This will involve sharing your email address, contact number, preferred currency and more. 

Some apps do have a complicated registration process and verification process. Skip them and do not provide any info you feel unsafe about. 

3. Make a deposit

Once you have created an account, set the username and password, and it will direct you to make your first deposit. You can make a first deposit using your preferred deposit method be it as Visa, Mastercard, bank deposit, e-wallet or prepaid card. 

Make your first deposit after accessing the bonus you get as per the deposit you make. 

4. Claim the welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the main considerations when choosing a betting app. If you are a beginner and do not want to spend too much, you can choose a $1 deposit betting app. The first deposit can be as low as $1. 

You also get free bets of a certain amount as per the welcome bonus. Look out for such offers to make the most advantage. Also, look at the wagering requirement. You need to fulfil the wagering requirement to take advantage of bonus money. It should be more than 30x to 40x. 

5. Start betting

Finally, after the first deposit is made and the welcome bonus is credited, you can start placing bets. 

You can place bets on live sports as well as on simulator games. You can also place bets on virtual sports if there are no live matches available to place bets on.