Best Free Betting Tips 2022

Do you want to spend time placing bets on your favourite live sport? Be it cricket, football, horse racing, or kabaddi, it is always better to know the respective betting tips on the sport before you choose to spend the real money. 

Here is everything about sports betting tips and more. 

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Frequently asked questions about betting tips.

Is it worth paying for betting tips?

If you are playing for fun and being within your budget without looking to make profits, paying for betting tips aren’t worth it. Furthermore, as a beginner, you can look for free betting tips before going deeper into it. 

What is minus 1.5 in betting? 

-1.5 in betting is odds in betting. For instance, if it’s a football match between Team A and Team B and the player bets on A (-1.5), this means the bettor will win the bet only if Team A wins the match with a goal difference of 2 or more. If it wins the match with a difference of only 1 goal or less, the bettor will lose. 

Which sport is easier to bet on?

Each sport has its technicalities and rules. You should bet on the sport you are most familiar with, football or cricket or any other. 

Where can you find betting tips?

You can find betting tips on different sports like cricket betting tips, football betting tips, kabaddi, horse racing, and other sports on

Top Successful Sports Betting Tips

1. Learn the basics

First things first, one should learn the basics of sports betting. Stick to one sport first instead of trying your hands on an array of them.

It is essential to understand how online bookmakers work and make money. An insight into their revenue model will allow you to see through the cracks and highlight areas that can increase your winning chances. You should also know about the fixed odd bets, types of sports wagers, and other related terminology. 

2. Know your budget

No matter how rich you are, if you are not setting a budget before placing bets, you will create a dent in your pocket.

Betting without reins is reckless behaviour and doesn’t count toward responsible betting. You need to set short-term goals and set a budget. This would mean deciding a fixed amount of money you will spend on betting, whether you are winning or losing. 

Along with the budget, it’s also important to have a staking plan. This plan focuses on the amount of money you should spend on each bet. This could be 1 to 2% of your budget. Blowing all your money on your first bet just because you are too sure of the outcome may ruin your budget. 

3. Set realistic expectations

If you are a beginner, don’t place a bet with an ulterior motive to make profits. It is indeed true that people lose more money than they win. You can only reap benefits in the long run. 

Thus, you should never overhype yourself and try to cover up for your losses. Winning in sports betting is a better realisation than in online casino games. Sports betting, at times, is based on experiences and expertise. You can gain much sports knowledge and be a better bettor as it’s not purely based on luck. 

As a beginner, your only goal should be to enjoy yourself without focusing on earnings.

4. Learn betting strategies

It is always a clever decision to learn some of the betting strategies. Have you heard about them before? Betting strategies can make a huge difference. There are many, but learning about a few of them can also be helpful. 

It specifies and mostly focuses on what type of bets you should choose and when. They cover the arbitrate betting strategies, backing heavy favourites, betting based on winning streaks, and other insidious ways to get you rolling. 

5. Know the concept of value

The concept of value is used in sports betting. Most bettors stay uninformed of the same. However, it is pretty simple if you know the difference between the odds of the selection and the probability of the outcome. 

Value is the relationship between these two elements. If the odds are unexpectedly higher than they should be compared to their probability, the selection is said to have a positive expected value. 

6. Learn to compare odds and lines

The odds and lines are where no bookmaker is the same. No bookmaker or sportsbook has the same odds and lines listed. This is when you can look around various sportsbooks and choose where you place your wager. The differences are small but can make a huge difference as they add up over time. 

For instance, if an odd on a player A on sportsbook A is 1.2, on sportsbook B is 1.5, and on sportsbook, C is 1.80. If you choose to wager on player A for $50 on sportsbook A, you may gain $10. On sportsbook B, you may gain $25, and on sportsbook C, $40. Thus the difference in odds and lines can make a huge difference. 

Why Are Sports Betting Tips Important?

How is a particular sport played isn’t enough? If you have full knowledge about a sport, do you still need to have sports betting tips and tricks? Yes, learning a few sports betting strategies is vital before trying your luck. 

Here are a few of the reasons why sports betting tips are important. 

To increase the chance of winnings

Sports betting tips can help you increase your chances of winning. Betting on sports is based on uncertainty to an extent. However, in certain situations, the betting tips help you make a better guess and increase the chances of winning. 

For instance, having some knowledge about home and away matches of a team, and the past results of the team can help a bettor 

To make an informed decision

Sports betting tips also help in making an educated guess. For a beginner, these tips act as a way to have fun and keep their hopes high. It is always better to make an informed decision rather than just placing bets in the air. Losing after a careful decision is okay and will make you understand how things work better. 

To keep your opinions in check

A bettor’s mind can play games and even lure you into thinking the inevitable. Getting through sports betting tips and knowing some of the basic strategies keep such wayward opinions in check and keep you sane. You do not make unrealistic expectations and may have better chances of winning the wager. 

How To Bet On Sports?

Betting on sports is easy with the help of an online sportsbook, but it’s not all sunshine. A lot goes behind selecting a good sportsbook. Here are some things to consider when betting on sports.

Know your favourite sport better

Have you decided which sport to bet on? Choose one sport at a time to place bets and know about it better. Know all the types of bets you can place on such a sport. Know about the team and players you are placing your bets on. Before placing your stakes, you should think about the controversies related to a specific player and other minute details. 

For instance, when betting on football, you should know the past performances of the player and the team. You should know if the team plays defensively or attacks. Knowing if it’s a home or away match is beneficial. 

Search for a good betting site

Betting on sports online means finding a good betting site first of all. There are various options, but you need to know which betting sites are available in your region. With an attractive welcome bonus, you should first notice the currency they accept and the payment methods. 

If the betting site allows players from your native country, you can go ahead to check for other considerations. 

Know about betting odds

Betting odds are displayed in a variety of ways. You may encounter betting odds listed in the form of fractions and decimals and preceded with negative and positive signs. You should know how to read each of these odds. 

A betting odds is the probability of an event and the amount of money you can win if your selected outcome wins. Odds and lines form the core of sports betting. Understanding them better is one of the basic aspects of placing bets. 

Track your bets

Are you just placing bets without keeping any record? You may lose all your bets without having a track of what went wrong. Tracking and keeping a record of all your placed bets on different sports is clever. As you lay down all the data and assemble it as per the amount of money you placed, the outcome of the match, the odds etc, you get a clearer picture. You will begin to understand the pattern better and get a clear idea of which strategy will work.