Indian Online Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India. People are crazy for all its formats, be it T20 world cup, IPL, one day, or Test matches. Indians love to watch every match, even ones that don’t involve Team India. They love to watch it, enjoy it, and at the same time bet on it. 

Today, you can find a large number of betting sites that allow Indian players to wager on the popular game cricket. On this page, you will find the complete list of the best cricket betting sites in India along with the most important details that you must be aware of before placing a bet.

The Top Cricket Betting Sites in India

Rating Welcome Offer Bet Here!
1 LeoVegas
100% up to ₹10,000 extra when you bet on odds of 1.80 or higher
2 22Bet
100% bonus up to ₹10,000
100% bonus up to ₹8,000
4 MELbet
100% bonus up to ₹20,000


Frequently asked questions about Cricket Betting Sites in India.

How can I bet on cricket online?

Simply select one of the tried and tested cricket betting sites from our site and get started.

Can I bet live on cricket?

Yes, some betting sites do offer the option of live betting on cricket.

Are cricket betting sites legal in India?

Gambling in any form in India is illegal. However, no law specifies that gambling on international betting sites is illegal. Thus, it is safe to place bets on cricket betting sites based outside of India. 

Which is the best cricket betting site in India?

GamblingDeals has compiled a list of the best cricket betting site in India. We recommend the best cricket betting sites based on betting options, betting leagues, payment options, and so on. Check out our list to make safe and educated choices. 

Do cricket betting sites offer a welcome bonus?

Just like online casinos, cricket betting sites in India also provide a welcome bonus on signing up to the site.

What are the wagering requirements on cricket betting sites?

The wagering requirements on cricket betting sites vary from site to site. It can be 25x for one, 45x for another. A wagering requirement is the number of bets you have to place before taking advantage of the bonus money. 

Why Are Cricket Betting Sites Needed?

Cricket betting sites are a responsible way to bet on cricket and other sports. Online betting sites are registered under authorised gambling authorities and are a legal way to indulge in betting. Here are other reasons why a cricket betting apps/websites are necessary:

1. Regulation of gambling

Online cricket betting sites or just online betting sites, in general, are a better option for bookmakers and bettors to gamble. It makes the gambling market more organised and regulated. Moreover, cricket betting sites are properly licensed and regulated by reputed gambling authorities worldwide. 

All this makes betting on cricket betting sites safe and legal. 

2. Makes betting responsible and fair

A betting exchange favours responsible betting and fair play. They take full precautions to allow bettors to play responsibly without ending up in huge debts. They support anonymous gambling commissions that work on irresponsible bettors. 

3. Easy to place bets

Betting sites also help in placing a variety of bets. There are more betting options that allow bettors to place bets more systematically. 

4. No fights and distortions

Betting sites are also needed to avoid any fights between the parties. When betting on online betting sites, the bookmakers act as mediators and adjust the bets between the two parties. There is no scope for mistakes, misunderstandings, and fights involved on betting sites. 

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How To Choose A Cricket Betting Site?

You should know there are many options for cricket betting sites in India. You can find hundreds of cricket betting sites that are accessible to Indians. Choosing one from these can be a tedious task. You should also not mistakenly choose one that you see first. 

Here is how we choose the best cricket betting site in India:

1. Create a list of betting sites

The first step should be to list all the cricket betting sites online that allow Indian players to bet. It is easy to find such a list online as well. Also, look out if such an online sportsbook accepts Indian currency. 

2. Look out for a welcome bonus

Next, you need to compare the welcome bonus such cricket betting sites offer. The welcome bonus is offered to new players. A welcome bonus allows you to double or even triple your deposit money. You can also receive a huge worth of free bets. These welcome bonuses become an integral part of choosing a cricket betting site. 

3. Look at cricket betting markets

The cricket betting site should allow bettors to bet on different cricket betting markets. Make sure it involves all popular cricket leagues like IPL. It covers betting on all the cricket World cups, all cricket formats from T-20 to Test matches. 

4. Payment options

Payment options are also important when choosing a cricket betting site. Being an Indian bettor, you should look out for the Indian payment methods available. This may include bank transfers from popular Indian banks, e-wallets used in India, and other options. 

The more options, the easier it is to deposit and withdraw. Looking out for deposit methods and withdrawal policies can also be beneficial. 

5. Look at the cricket betting odds

The most overlooked are the betting odds. When choosing a cricket betting site, you should look out for more competitive odds that can make you win well. You can find the cricket betting sites’ odds on various cricket odds guide online. 

Some cricket betting sites provide good competitive odds that add to betting fun for beginners and experts. 

6. Advanced betting options

Choosing the best online cricket betting site in today’s world would also involve looking at advanced options like live betting, live streaming, advanced bet constructors, mobile customisation, and more. 

Look for live betting if you want to expand the betting options and love to bet on some high odd bets. Live streaming is good if you are looking to bet and watch the match from the same screen. 

If you love to place bets on the go, betting apps are very important. You cannot have your tablet or laptop open whenever you want to place bets. 

How To Start Betting On A Cricket Betting Site?

At this stage, you have selected a cricket betting site. It’s time to start betting. However, you still need to perform such needful steps before starting with live cricket betting. 

1. Create an account

First, you need to create an account on the top cricket betting sites to begin betting. For this, you click on Join Now to create a new account. Follow the steps to create an account, like sharing your email address and creating a username and password. 

Some betting sites also require detailed player information like full name, gender, DOB, mobile number, and so on. Stay away from sites that have elaborated the registration process of verifying and reverifying your information. 

2. Make a deposit

Once your account is verified, you need to make a deposit. Select the desired payment method like debit card, credit card, and e-wallet to make your first deposit. Go for a minimum deposit option if you intend to. 

3. Place your bets

Once the first payment is successfully credited and you have received your bonus money, you can start placing your bet. Go to the sports section and find cricket. Also, if there are some ongoing cricket matches going on, you will see them on the top page. Click on the match you want to place bets on. 

The betting websites are user-friendly and allow you to understand each bet very well. 

4. Withdraw your winnings

Luckily, if you have fulfilled your wagering requirement, you finally have winnings to withdraw. You can see them in your withdrawal section. 

You should have the specific minimum amount before you can request withdrawals. Select your withdrawal method, and fill in the correct details to withdraw your winnings. 

Interesting facts about cricket in India

  • Even though cricket is not the national sport of India, it is a firm favourite of many Indians.
  • In India, the 1st cricket match was played in the year 1864 between Madras and Calcutta.
  • The first world cup was won by India in 1983, and again it was won in 2011.
  • The counting of viewers reaches to over 400 million people when the Indian team is playing any special tournament such as the ICC World Cup.

Types Of Cricket Betting Options

There are a variety of cricket betting options. Each bet is easy to understand and place bets on. Here are some of the most exciting ones:

1. League bets

League bets allow you to place bets on the overall outcome of the league and not just a single match. The odds are quite high, and so is the risk. 

League bets could be betting on the outcome of the outright winner of the league, outright best bowler of the league, man of the tournament/series, and many more. For instance, in the case of IPL, it can be betting on a purple cap player and an orange cap player. 

2. Series bets

In cricket, you can also bet on series bets. For instance, in a case test match series of 5 matches, you can place bets on the final outcome of the series and not just on one of the five matches. 

The series bets could be the outright winner of the series, predicting the exact series score, a series man of the match, the total number of runs in the series, and so on. 

3. Match bets

Match bets are finally bets that can be placed on a single match, i.e., the bets on the match-winner, betting on the number of runs in the innings, runs score by player A, maximum wicket-taker player, number of 4s in the match, and many more. 

4. Proposition bets

Proposition bets are bets about specific things and not the match’s outcome. 

A proposition bet can be an over/under bet, toss winner, odd/even runs scored, or method of dismissal. 

An over/under bet allows you to predict if the number of runs scored in a single innings will be over/under predicted by the bookie. There are many more bets constructors used on cricket betting sites these days, making betting more fun.