Today Match Prediction – Free Cricket Betting Tips 2022

Cricket is a popular sport played all over the world. It is one of the sports that have gathered huge popularity, be it men’s cricket or women’s cricket. The popular cricket teams worldwide include India, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England. 

If you hail from any of these countries, you already know the gameplay and how cricket works. If you are looking forward to placing bets while watching your favourite cricket match, here are some of the cricket betting tips you should be aware of.  

Cricket Betting Tips


Frequently asked questions about Cricket

How do you predict a cricket match?

To predict a cricket match, tipsters use their own predictive model algorithms. Each betting predictor platform has its own system to predict the match’s outcome and other betting predictions. 

Is cricket easy to bet on?

If you know cricket very well, it will be easy to bet on cricket betting sites. If you are also familiar with online sportsbooks and how betting works online, it will be easier to bet on cricket. Moreover, the betting predictions available would help it big time. 

Is cricket betting legal in India?

Betting on cricket online isn’t covered by the gambling laws in India and is therefore considered safe and outside the jurisdiction of legality. If you are betting online with the help of an online sportsbook based overseas, it is safe to indulge in cricket betting. 

Can you use accumulator bets in cricket?

Yes, one can use accumulator bets, i.e. place bets on multiple selections simultaneously and increase the fun of betting. 

Cricket betting tips market

If you are new to cricket, the first thing to do is know about the various cricket tournaments you can place bets on. 

Basically, cricket is played in three formats, namely:

1. Test Matches

A test match is played for five days, and there is no restriction on the number of overs. The team who chose bowling had to bowl till the end of the day and the next day until they got all the players of another team out. 

The ICC world test Championship is the most popular market of the same.

2. One day matches

One-day cricket, as the name suggests, lasts for one day only. It can be a day-night or day match. The number of overs bowled in a one-day match is 50 i.e., it has a fixed number of overs. A single innings last until all players are bowled out, or all-overs are bowled, whichever is earlier. 

The Cricket World Cup is the most popular market for one-day cricket matches.

3. T-20

T-20 is a newly added format and has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike in one-day matches, in T-20 or twenty Twenty, the number of overs bowled is 20 i.e., it too has a fixed number of overs. A single innings last until all players are bowled out, or all-overs are bowled, whichever is earlier. 

Some popular T-20 leagues include the IPL or Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League of Australia.

Popular Betting Cricket Tournaments

Cricket matches between popular teams are held all around the year. The ones that catch the most traffic include:

ICC World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup is much similar to the football’s Champions League. Like football teams have to qualify for the Champions League, the participating teams have to qualify for the ICC World cup. Only ten cricket teams move to the tournament phase and are further divided into two groups. The best part is both the ICC Men’s World cup and ICC Women’s World Cup are equally popular. 

Australia has owned the most ICC World Cups to date.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a popular test cricket series between England and Australia. It is one of the oldest and most renowned cricket series and dates back to 1877. The first test match between England and Australia was in Melbourne, Australia. Later it was named the ‘The Ashes’ in 1882 when Australia won over England at the ‘Oval’ stadium in England. 

Indian Premier League

Since the emergence of the T-20 cricket match format, IPL has been the most popular league in the format. The tournament includes 8 teams named after different states of India. The player within each team includes a combination of Indian cricket players and cricket players from other countries. 

Recently, the per match value of IPL surpassed the EPL’s, i.e., English Premier Leagues per match value. For years 2023-27, the per match value of IPL stands at $13.4million, whereas of EPL is $11. Mumbai Indian, Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Sunrise Hyderabad are some of the popular teams of IPL, to name a few. 

T20 World Cup

Just like the ICC World cup, there is also a T-20 World Cup. Held every two years, the top teams directly qualify for the world cup while the rest of the teams go through the T-20 World Cup Qualifier. 

A total of 16 teams fight for a T20 World Cup. 

What are some of the cricket betting tips?

Now that you know the cricket market and how and which tournaments you can place bets in, it is also important to know about the cricket betting tips. Like in every other game, several factors come to play that determine the performance of the team. These factors also help the bettors predict the game results. 

Before you place your bets on any cricket match, make sure you consider these cricket betting tips:

Check the weather

Unlike in football games, where the rain and snow can double the fun of the match, a cricket match is delayed or cut short due to heavy rains. 

Weather conditions can turn a cricket game upside down if the game is not canceled outrightly. A test match is highly affected by rains and poor weather conditions. Any long break between matches that give sufficient time to players to rest can impact the result of the team. Sometimes, the match is cut short, and the other team must score runs in a limited over match. 

Injured players

It is also beneficial to know the injured players of the team. A player injured in his past match may not be qualified to play another. In such circumstances, another player substitutes him. This injured player can be a top-notch player that can hamper the team’s performance. 

More than one injured player in a team gives chances to new cricketers who may be inexperienced in handling a crucial match. Checking for injured players and the injuries’ seriousness will help you predict the match better. 

Winning streak of each team

A continuous winning streak can prove that the team is performing at its best. At the same time, a losing streak would mean the team would give its best to keep themselves alive in the series. 

Cricket can be unpredictable at times, but it’s better to know who the top performers of the match are. The players at their top form will deliver the best in all the series matches. This can help you place bets on other bet options like the total number of runs scored by a player and such. 

Know the top batsman and bowler of the team

Understanding the players of each team more can help you increase your chances of opting for accumulator bets. 

You will be able to place bets on multiple selections at the same time if you know each player more closely. For this, the easiest way is to track down the last few performances of the top performer of the match, including both batsman and bowler in each team. 

Focus on in-play bets

Live betting in cricket matches can make you win big. As the match progresses, you are in a better position to predict the bets and throw your chances. 

Thus, as a beginner, you can choose to place bets on a live match i.e., in-play, to gather better odds. A favorite can turn into an underdog within an over and vice versa. Moreover, it is easy to place in-play bets nowadays, as most sportsbooks provide live streaming and live bets options. 

What does a cricket betting tip include?

Do you follow online cricket betting tips before placing bets on cricket matches? What can you expect from a cricket betting tip? Do they provide just the winning match prediction? 

Different cricket betting tipsters provide tips on their own. When finding a cricket betting tips, you can find two types of betting tips:

1. Winning match team prediction

The winning match team prediction outrightly predicts who will win the specific match. The prediction analysis is based on team past performances, pitch reports, weather analysis, key player analysis, head-to-head stats, and more. 

2. Top picks

They also predict other bet options like the total number of runs scored over/under, runs scored in a single inning, toss predictions, and more.