Football Betting Sites

Most people think cricket betting has the craziest fans in India. However, football is not far behind. Most Indians are die-hard football fans who diligently support their favourite teams, be it Chelsea, Liverpool, or Arsenal. 

Not only this, but they also prefer to bet on their favourite football teams or create their own fantasy teams. If you are one of them, we have done all the hard work by handpicking the best football betting sites.

The Top Football Betting Sites in India

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Frequently asked questions about football betting sites in India.

What is football betting?

The process of placing a bet on the result of a specific football match is referred to as football betting. You can choose simpler and more complicated wagers depending on your individual preferences.

How can I bet on football in India?

Betting on football games is very simple. All you need to do is choose a football betting site that accepts players from India. Within this page we will provide a helpful guide as well a list of football betting sites to help you get started.

Can I bet on live football games?

Yes, you can enjoy live football betting on sites that allow you to wager on football games while a specific match is being played. You can make use of the best opportunities for betting by getting the live update of a match through a live feed. Moreover, you can also withdraw the amount if you find that the match is not going in your favour.  

Where can I find the best football betting odds?

Typically, the odds keep fluctuating. So, finding the higher odds can be somewhat challenging. We have compiled lists of odds and where these can be found to help make things easier. Simply have a look at our top list of football betting sites.

What is live football betting?

Live football betting is a betting type where you can bet while the match is already live in real-time. You do not have to place bets before the match starts. 

However, the stakes at betting in live football matches are usually higher. 

What should I consider before selecting a betting site?

Different sites appeal to different people. On this page we have put together a list of tried and tested betting sites. All sites in the list are available to people living in India. Have a look at the list and select a site which looks like a good fit for you.

Is it possible to live stream football matches?

Yes! However, in comparison to other sports such as cricket, very few betting sites provide the function of football live streaming in India.

Do football betting sites typically offer a welcome bonus?

Similar to online casino sites, football betting sites also offer a welcome bonus. Simply select the welcome bonus which most appeals to you from our list. Your welcome bonus will be activated after you sign up and make a deposit at the betting site of your choosing.

Best Football Betting Sites In India

Like Ranveer Singh, many follow football games all weekend. Nevertheless, not only this, many fans watch repetitive highlights and catch the weekday matches when they can. Football is the most universal and available sport all over the world. The different leagues, teams, and tournaments allow for fewer off-seasons.

You can find a variety of football betting sites in India – the ones that accept Indian players and Indian currencies. These can be offshore football betting sites as well.

Football betting sites tips

How Do I Get a Welcome Bonus on a Football Betting Site?

The very thing any player looks for on a football betting site is the welcome bonus. Looking out for an exclusive welcome offer is very beneficial. It lets you enjoy betting for a long time without spending too much real money.

The welcome bonuses at online betting sites are usually 100% match deposit bonuses. However, it has become a lot more common. Instead, look for more exclusive match deposits like a 200% or 230% match deposit bonus. Such a match deposit lets you kickstart your betting options.

Some sports betting sites also provide free bet as their welcome bonus. This is also an attractive option. Such a welcome bonus will provide a certain amount of free bets like Rs. 1500 or more. You should compare the welcome bonuses provided by different football betting sites before settling on one.

What is Football Betting?

Betting on football is a lot simpler to understand. It simply involves betting on a particular outcome of a football match. The betting options are diverse like betting on the team that wins, betting on if the total number of goals will be odd or even, betting on which team will score more goals or the number of corners in the whole match etc.

If the match goes into a penalty shootout, the fun doubles. This is when betting on live football matches kicks in.

The more uncertain the wager is, the higher the odds you receive. If you win, you get more profits and vice versa.

How To Select a Football Betting Site in India?

Out of so many football sites, finding the ones that are safe and provide attractive bonuses is a real task. That’s why we consider a range of factors while listing the best football betting sites in India. Here are a few of the many factors we focus upon:

1. Accepts Indian currency

When selecting an Indian football betting site, the first consideration should be if it accepts Indian currency, i.e., rupees or not.

As there are no football betting sites operated in India, Indian players have to find and place bets on overseas sites that accept Indian players and currency.

Opting for sites that accept Indian rupees makes it easier to deposit and withdraw money without spending extra on currency exchange fees.

2. Easy to sign up

Select a football betting site that doesn’t require too many steps to verify every piece of information. Just your email or mobile number should be enough to complete the signup process.  Skip sites that follow complicated and lengthy procedures. They likely won’t offer a pleasurable betting experience.

3.Live streaming availability

Live streaming is equally important if you love to place bets on live matches. Live streaming allows you to watch your live match on the same platform you are betting bets on.

Most football betting sites like 1xBet provide live streaming for their bettors. This enables users to place bets without switching screens.

Also, don’t forget offering live streaming can be expensive, and only a few popular and most profitable betting sites are able to do so.

4. Attractive welcome bonus

The welcome bonus can be one of your main considerations in narrowing down the list. A welcome bonus is provided to new players only.

Unlike online casinos, where free spins are provided as a welcome bonus, sportsbook gives a 100% or more match bonus as a welcome bonus. According to this, your first deposit or subsequent deposits are doubled or tripled subject to upper caps.

The more the match bonus percentage, the better it is.

5. Variety of betting options

This is the most overlooked aspect when selecting a football betting site. One should not forget to take a view of the betting options and markets available. The more diverse the betting options, the more fun it provides.

For instance, the popular football betting platform provides not only single bet types but also accumulator bets, cash-out bets, and more. Such betting options allow you to think out of the box and force you to take more calculative steps.

6. Mobile betting availability

If you love to place football bets on a range of markets, don’t miss out on checking mobile betting options. Mobile betting allows bettors to place bets through either the mobile app or a mobile browser.

The best betting sites have their own mobile betting apps along with offering great odds. This allows players to have equal fun placing bets without missing out. The interface on mobile apps is just as smooth and user-friendly as on their website.

7. Low commission fees

The commission fee or the house advantage is a fee charged by the bookmaker when you win bets placed through their platform. They charge a fixed portion of your wins as their fee and transfer the rest to your account.

Such a fee should not be outrageously high and should be lesser than 5%. The less the commission, the more the amount you can withdraw. Also, knowing about the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount is beneficial to not keep your winnings locked up for too long.

What good are the winnings on online sports betting when you can’t withdraw them?

Some interesting facts about football in India

  • All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) is the main governing body of association football in India. It was formed in 1937 and associated with the worldwide Football Authority ‘FIFA – The Fédération Internationale de Football Association’.
  • AIFF governing body has completely reshaped the scenario and popularity of football in India. In the current days, there are many more options available to enjoy other than interstate contest and club events.
  • Starting of Sports Authority of India and launch of i-league is resulting in fabulous improvements in football aspects in India.
  • The popularity of football is touching the peak among Indian young generation. It is expected that we will soon be counted among global football leaderboard with proper administration and proven skills regarding football in India.

Types of Football Betting

Understating the types of bets can be the most tedious task if you are a beginner in betting. As you play, you understand them better. Here are some of the football betting tips and types mentioned and explained.

1. Match Betting

When it comes to football betting types, let’s start with the simplest ones. Match betting is simply betting on which team will win the match. You need to simply pick one of the two teams as your outcome to wager.

Also, you can bet on if the match will draw. Since the draw option has high odds, it is available at high prices. However, if you win, you win big.

2. Futures Betting

As the same suggests, it means betting on the outcome that is most likely to happen in the distant future. This is suitable for bets like who will win the league or the season title. Or betting on which would be three top teams or which player will have the most goals in the whole season.

Such types of bets are available throughout the season; however, their prices get higher as the season proceeds further. Placing future bets before the season begins will be most affordable.

3. Totals Betting

In football, totals betting is another simplest form of betting. It is about betting on totals. Such bets include betting on the total number of scores in a given match.

There are also over/under bets in this format. This fixes an estimate of total goals like 2.5, and you need to bet if the total goals will be more (over) or less (under) than the estimate set.

Other totals include the total number of corners, total number of cards shown etc.

4. Prop Betting

This type of betting has nothing to do with the outcome of the current match. It is like placing bets on random events like Man of the Match, Man of the tournament, the number of saves a keeper will make, whether Player A scores a goal etc.