Football Betting Tips

There is no denying the fact that football is a popular sport all around the world. With fans from all over the world, the viewership of football games is at all times high. Everyone celebrates watching football in their own way. Some like to indulge in fantasy leagues, while others like to place bets on live matches. 

If you are of the latter type, you may have to look for football betting tips at some point in time. Logically, you want to wager for the best teams. You can place bets on underdogs as well as the dominants/favourites. In either case, some of the live football betting tips can allow you to be in a better place. 

Football Betting Tips


Frequently asked questions about Football Betting Tips

How do I win a football bet every time?

You can win a football bet by betting on easier bets. You can follow sites for gathering football betting tips to get the upper hand. Follow the match statistics and analytics for better predictions. 

What are the best bets to make in football?

Amongst the money lines, totals, and spreads, you should choose money lines as they are the easiest. You have just to predict the side most likely to win. Such outcomes can also be predicted with the help of listed odds. The favourites/dominant team have negative odds while the underdogs have favourable odds. 

What are the types of football betting tips?

You need to make various considerations before looking up football betting tips. To not get overwhelmed with too much information, you should first select the type of bet you are looking to wager on. Once it’s decided, you can then look for betting tips accordingly. For instance, if you are ready to place accumulator bets, search for accumulator tips. Once you are ready you can also check out some of top rated football betting sites. Some of the common types of betting tips you will find online would read like this:

1. Accumulator tips

Accumulator tips are betting for accumulator bets. Now, accumulator bets are those that are made of multiple selections. You cannot actually place a bet on a single selection but on many of them at the same time. 

For instance, in football, you can place a bet on one accumulator consisting of bet options like:

  • The total number of goals will be even or odd
  • Which player will have maximum goals
  • The team with maximum goals
  • The team that wins the match

The stakes are high in accumulator bets, as you have to win all bet selections to win the bet. More the risk, more the returns. The accumulator tips on football betting tips websites provide direct predictions about who is likely to win if you place a bet between two options. 

2. Both teams to score tips

If the latest match in line is between Liverpool and Arsenal, both teams to score tips predict that both teams are equally likely to score goals. This prediction is made with the help of their performances in the last matches. 

Each tip also comes with a reason for the tip that explains its viewpoint. There are different types of BTTS tips. These include:

  • BTTS and result: It predicts the outcome of the game even if both teams are likely to score goals
  • BTTS and over/under: When both teams are likely to score, it also predicts if both teams will score over or under a certain number of goals. 
  • BTTS and both halves: It predicts if the teams will score in both the halves or just the first half or another half. 

3. Correct score tips

Correct score tips predict the exact score of the football matches. Again, these tips are given by experts after proper analysis of their past performances. 

There is also a correct score double tip, which mentions which match will end in a 2-1 score. They mention which team score 2 goals against 1 by another team. 

4. Over 2.5 goals prediction tips

This is another type of football betting tip. Under this tip, the experts analyze when both teams are more likely to score over 2.5 goals together. This is based on the last game scores they played together and the goals they scored and conceded in their last matches. 

5. Anytime goalscorer tips

Anytime goalscorer tips include tips about the first goalscorer. For instance, in a Liverpool, it is more likely that Salah will score the first goal. 

Thus goal scorer tips are important to place bets on the first goalscorer, the total number of goals by player A etc. 

6. League specific tips

There is a variety of football leagues ongoing. Football betting tips can be found in every league and about every match. It sometimes becomes difficult for the bettor to search for the football tips for a certain match. 

Thus, you should know about the league you are planning to place bets on. Once you have decided on the league, you can further narrow it down by selecting the team like Manchester City, Arsenal etc. Thereafter select if you want to place a bet on a specific player or on a specific match of the team you chose. 

What are the popular football betting options?

As a beginner, is important to know about the popular football betting options at the very least. These betting options are popular because they are easy to understand and easy to place bets on. Also, they have the least risk involved when wagered upon. The football betting tips on these options are also easy to find. 

These popular football betting options include:

Football betting option Explanation
Full time result bet A full-time result bet or the WLD is one of the most common bets to be wagered. This bet outrightly allows you to predict the match-winner at the end of the 90 minutes. This may also involve guessing the right score at the end. 

You can bet on a win for one team, a win for another team or a draw. 

First or last goalscorer This is pretty much easier to bet on if you follow football diligently. Some of the teams have key goal scorers. In this bet, you have to predict the first player who scores the goal for a team or the player who will score the last goal. These outcomes are most likely to be predictable as each player has their own role. 
Half time results You can also place bets on the result of the match after 45 minutes i.e. half time results. You can bet on the number of goals scored after half time, the winning team after half time, etc. 

However, this bet ends as the match resumes for the other half.

Both teams score It is easier to predict if both teams will score in certain matches. This is thus quite feasible to place bets on for various first-time punters. You can also get betting tips on these sorts of bets. Thus, there are greater chances of winning the bet. 
Top goalscorer Top goalscorer means you place a bet on the player who scored the maximum goals. The outcome is declared after the match and is usually placed in the match during live streaming. 

The market for football betting

The market for football betting is huge. When finding the football betting tip for the right market, you need to narrow down your options. Foremostly, you need to first select amongst the various leagues. All football leagues are mentioned down below:

League Information
The Super League The super league is the European League that contains 20 top teams in Europe. These 20 teams are divided into two groups. Four teams from each group advance to the knockout phase. All games are home and away matches. The final match is played on neutral ground. 
English Premier League English Premier League is another popular football league that comprises 20 teams. Some of the popular teams in the English /premier league are Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and more. 
La Liga (Spain) La Liga is a Spanish football league and is identified by the two biggest football clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona. 
Serie A (Italy) Serie A is an Indian football league and is popularly identified by one of the teams Juventus. The Italian league is more popular for defensive football playing. 
Bundesliga (Germany) Bundesliga is one of the most competitive leagues i.e., all teams are stronger and have equal chances of winning. The most popular team in Bundesliga is Bayern Munich. 
Champions League Champions League involves the greatest teams from all the other leagues. The most popular teams that make their way to the Champions League include Real Madrid, Liverpool, and AC Milan. Real Madrid has won the most championship titles. 
Europa League Europa League is again a European league for teams that couldn’t make it to Champions League. Teams that finished third in the Champions League can also qualify for this league. 
Ligue 1 (France) Ligue 1 is dominated by Paris Saint Germain and isn’t termed the most competitive league. Other popular teams include Lyon and Marseille.