Free Bets For Players In India

The rapidly increasing craze of gamblers have taken the popularity of online betting to a higher level. That’s a reason today online betting becomes one of the competitive industries around the world not for improved profitability, but extended customer base as well. These sites basically provide game of skills, which require players to use innovative tricks and strategies to outrun the competitors and win amazing prices. While placing a bet on race, it is important to have a strong edge to stay ahead of the tough competition. This is where you find free bets as a golden opportunity.


Frequently asked questions about Free Bets in India.

What is a free bet?

This is a special promotion offered by betting sites to facilitate players to wager without putting their own money in a real time. A betting site, you have created an account into, provide gamers with a specific amount which you can use for betting. In case you win, you can convert that money into hard cash, which can be easily withdrawn.

Do all betting sites in India offer free bets?

Not all betting sites you will find on the web will offer free bets. There are only few of the sites that provide players free bet as funny money. Wondering how would you search the best betting site without wasting much of your time? Don’t worry. On this page, we will provide you a list of betting sites that offer free bets to all Indian players. We always update our list whenever there is a launch of new free bets.

Do I need to put my own money to get free bets?

No! Free bets are completely free. There is no need to put your own money in order to claim these bets. You can use them absolutely for free with no need of deposit at all. However, some betting sites may ask you to deposit before receiving these bets, still, you don’t have to invest your own hard-earned cash. But, you have to make a deposit first before you apply for the withdrawal of your profit.

How do I receive a free bet on online betting sites?

You can simply and quickly receive free bets by choosing the best betting site. Here at GamblingDeals, you can easily find the betting sites that provide free bets. Some sites offer free bets on creating a new account, while some provides them on a regular basis. Betways Free Bet Club is a recognised club which provides the amazing opportunity to get free bets per week.

How can I use free bets?

Free bets can be used to place bets on various sports. Free bets with no limitations can be used to wager on the complete sportsbook, while you can use others only for specific sports tournaments or matches. To know in details about this, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions of particular free bet.

Can I withdraw money won as a free bet?

There is no clear answer of this question because withdrawal policy varies depending on the betting site you are using. Some betting sites may allow you to keep all the profits of a free bet along with you, while other sites may ask you for wagering requirement. You have to wager a certain amount of your earnings for specific times in order to withdraw a free bet. So, read terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully.

In today’s time, you can find so many betting sites offering awesome free bets to new as well as existing players. New customers can take out the most advantage of free bets by enjoying the fantastic gaming experience without putting hard-earned money in the beginning. They can play for fun without dealing with a loss of real money even if they lose a specific bet. Thus, if you are looking for the ways through which you can learn the betting tricks and skills without suffering from any financial risk, then choose a betting site that offers the best free bet.

What Is A Free Bet?

A free bet is a special kind of promotion, that is offered by online betting sites, to give players a chance to wager without paying their own money. This is an ideal way to bet without risking to lose your hard-earned money or anything else. Generally, a betting site offers free bets to new players as a welcome bonus just after they sign up into a site.

Sometimes, it happens that betting sites give free bets to their existing players on a regular basis. This means both new and existing customers can take the full advantage of the feature of free bets to wager without risking anything. In case you win, you can keep all profits earned through a free bet along with you. If you lose the wager, you do not lose your own money.

The majority of the betting sites are providing exceptional free bets in order to win the attention of new customers and engage the existing ones for expanded database of players. Thus, you can take the best advantage of free betting opportunity to play safely without any risk.

How Does A Free Bet Work?

There is a myth regarding free bet i.e. free bets are the universal sign up or welcome bonuses. But, in reality it is true in some cases only, while it proves wrong at the very next moment. As we have already discussed above that some betting sites offer free bets after creating an account. In such cases, it may be considered like a sign up bonus. But, it would not fall in the category of sign up bonuses, when online betting sites give free bets to current gamblers as promos.

Gamblers can withdraw their profits earned through a free bet based on the betting site they have selected. Most bookmakers do not allow players to keep free bet amount. They can take out their profits with or without wagering requirements depending on the betting site they are choosing. Some sites require players to satisfy the certain wagering requirements before claiming the amount. This means you have to play winnings on the free bets a few more times before withdrawal of your profit. Some betting site operators have rules regarding which market players can reach while taking out the full advantage of free bets.

Naim RecommendsLooking for the ways through which you can enjoy the best opportunity to avail free bets? If you personally ask me for that, then I will surely suggest you to go with the option of selecting the popular, reliable, and legal online betting site that offers great free bets. I usually go with the option of very popular betting site and online casino Betway, which provides free bets on a weekly basis. Receiving free bets every week helps me in earning more profit.

Where Can I Find The Best Free Bets And How?

Want to find the best free bets without wasting much of your time? You’re at the right destination. Here at GamblingDeals, you’ll get so many recommendations that are identified after doing lots of research on all betting sites in India. We have special links with the betting sites accepting players from India. Thus, we can help you in receiving the generous bonus after you sign up into any betting site account.

Some most important factors that you must keep in your mind when accepting free bet are as follows –

The Expiration Date

Nearly all bets have some expiration date after which it will no longer remain yours. Whenever, any free bet is credited into your betting account, it is offered for only certain duration of time. The expiration date varies based on the bookmaker you’re choosing, but typically it is available between 2-3 months. Thus, don’t wait too long to take the best advantage of free bets even decide its use before you claim it. This is because if you don’t use bet within suggested time, the betting site will take off your free bet. A bookmaker can also forfeit your amount if you are not able to satisfy the wagering requirement of that free bet before expiration date.

The Betting Amount

Most betting sites offer a higher betting amount to gain the attention of new players because people usually prefer a site with increased betting amount. But, remember that it is only one of the key marketing strategy of online betting sites. It would not help you much with betting odds. Mostly, higher betting amount comes with several terms and conditions such as wagering requirements, minimum odds requirements, etc, which are quite challenging to meet. Satisfying these terms and conditions is essential before claiming the amount. Hence, it is important to check the expiration date, conditions, and other factors before selecting a free bet. It is recommended to pick a betting site that provides smaller free bet with excellent flexiblity.

The Wagering Requirement

As already discussed above, some sites ask players for meeting the certain wagering requirements before withdrawing their money. These requirements differ from one bookmaker to another. Some may ask for 3x bonus amount, some for 4x, while others for more times. Ensure that if satisfying these terms are difficult for you, move towards other betting sites in India. Sites listed on this page come with relaxed wagering requirements. So, you can choose the best one as per your needs.

Free Bets

How Can I Win A Free Bet?

To win the free bets and take the best advantage of it, check whether you are eligible for a free bet or not. The eligibility depends on the betting sites. Some bookmaker provides a free bet for regular customers, while some offers them to new players as a welcome bonus. Another factor that helps in qualifying for a free bet is of making the deposits. Most bookmakers ask gamers to make the deposits before enjoying the benefits of free bets. But, you can also find sites that offer the opportunity of no deposit free bet. Besides this, a bookmaker also applies plethora of conditions that a player must fulfill before withdrawing his free bet profit.

How Can I Use Free Bets In Online Casinos Profitably?

So, you have received a free bet. Now, it’s time to use it beneficially before it comes closer to its expiration date. Don’t take it too lightly because it may result in facing a withdrawal difficulty. Following are some of the best tips that can help you make the most out of your gained free bets.

  • Keep some patience and don’t expect to earn the huge profit from your free bet in the beginning, especially the first one.
  • Try some new strategies using your free bets.
  • Determine which strategy works the best for your budget and temper. Work on the most useful strategy in everyday games to use free bets profitably in the long run.

How Can I receive a free bet in India?

Top betting sites in India are allowing all players to take the full advantage of a free bet. To avail it profitably, it is necessary to first identify where you can get the generous free bets. To save your time and efforts of finding and creating a list of best free bets in India, we have provided the most useful guide here on You can receive free bets as a welcome bonus after creating an account at a new betting site such as Royal Panda. In addition, you can also enjoy free bets in regular promotions while playing your favourite games on popular sites such as Betway. After examining all betting sites, we found that sites we mentioned above are best for getting free bets in India.

How Free Bets Can Benefit Me?

We all love receiving things which are offered for free with no investment. Free bets is one such brilliant opportunity in the field of online betting. It is a marvellous promotion offered to allow players enjoy the wager without spending further money. What players are praising a lot is the fact that they have nothing to lose. As we have mentioned above, you can make the best use of free bets in trying some new strategies even you can also withdraw the free bet profits.

Another benefits you can enjoy using free bets are as follows –

Try Your Hands For The New Experiments

Free bets are the brilliant ways to experiment with some new strategies as there is nothing to lose. Thus, you can use your winning free bets to practice different games and learn their different strategies. On the other hand, if you play games using your own, it may have a risk of losing your hard-earned money. Hence, if you want to understand where you are lacking and what skills you should develop to get a win, then use free bets to try new games.

More Practice Means More Success

Since free bets provide the chance to practice new strategies with no risk of losing the money, they are a main key to master the specific game. You can learn your mistakes with each lose and focus on developing the useful strategies with each win.

New Updates

The reliable betting sites in India offer free bets as a welcome bonus and on a regular basis as well for the increased excitement of gamblers. By constantly checking for the latest offers and promos at, you can find an amazing array of free bets regularly.