Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing is not dead in India. It has been a fairly popular sport for a long time now. There are many horse racecourses in India. Some of these are managed by the Indian horse racing authorities. 

Do you prefer to bet on horse racing? Do you prefer betting physically at the horse racecourse or online? When placing bets physically, your winnings from betting can be taxed at a 25% GST slab. However, you can save yourself from any tax when betting online. Here is everything more about horse race betting sites in India. 

The Top Betting Sites for Horse Racing

Rating Welcome Offer Bet Here!
1 22Bet
100% bonus up to ₹10,000
100% bonus up to ₹8,000
3 LeoVegas
100% up to ₹10,000 extra when you bet on odds of 1.80 or higher
4 MELbet
100% bonus up to ₹20,000


Frequently asked questions about Horse Racing Betting in India

Is betting on horses legal in India?

Yes, you can freely bet on horse racing without any fear of breaching the Indian laws. Supreme Court ruling of 1996 stated that horse race betting is legal in India because it is a game of skill, not chance.

Can i do live betting on horse racing?

Yes, just like other sports and casino games, you can also bet live on horse racing at all sites recommended here at our page Gamblingdeals.

What are the popular horse breeds in India for racing?

Horse breeds are important for placing bets on a horse race. You should know which breed is naturally faster to increase your chances of winning. Some popular Indian horse breeds in racing include Thoroughbred, Elusive Pimpernel, and Squanderer. Other popular horse racing breeds are Arabian horse, Appaloosa, Akhal Teke Horse, Andalusian horse, and Black Forest horse. 

Is online horse race betting safe?

Online horse race betting is safe if you place bets on a reputed betting site. Such a betting site should have an active license from a recognised gambling authority to prove its safety. 

Can I earn money with horse race betting in India?

Yes, you can earn money on horse race betting if you have good skills, knowledge, and patience. But, do complete research about a specific race, participating horses, and other vital factors to avoid the risks. Mainly, it is recommended to enjoy the horse race just as a source of entertainment rather than an income-generating method.

What is the best horse racing betting site?

There are numerous horse racing sites in India. GambingDeals has curated a handpicked list of the best horse betting sites for your convenience. All our recommended horse racing betting sites are vetted for bonuses, payment methods, security, bet types, and more.

What are the available racehorse bets?

Some horse race bettings include win bets, forecast, quinella, jackpot, super jackpot, accumulator, Jodi, and Barbet. 

Is Horse Race Betting Legal In India?

➤   Yes, horse racing betting is legal in India.

Until 1996, it wasn’t legal in India as per India’s Public Gambling Act 1867. All forms of betting and gambling were considered illegal. 

However, in 1996, the Supreme Court of India changed the rule and made it legal. It was made legal as they considered that horse race betting is not based on a game of chance but on skills. The bettor should know the horses, their breed, and their abilities to turn the bets in their favour. With this, horse race betting is made legal in India. 

How To Bet On Horse Racing In India?

In India, as horse race betting is considered legal, there are two ways you can place bets:

  • You can place bets physically at the horse racecourse
  • You can place bets on horse races through online sportsbooks

For betting physically, you should know the various horse racecourses in India and their schedule. Also, if you are in one place, you will have to visit the city physically to indulge in betting. Moreover, the horse races are not so popularly telecasted. 

This allows physical betting a bit difficult. Therefore, betting on horse races online can be a feasible option. Here is how you can do so. 

How To Bet Online On Horse Racing?

To bet on horse racing online, follow the steps below on a horse race betting site:

1. Register on an online sportsbook

For placing bets on horse racing online, you need to first register on an online sportsbook accessible in India. There are plenty of options. Therefore, it is good to weigh your options before choosing one. 

You should pay special attention to the registration process, welcome bonus, and payment methods in choosing an online sportsbook. Choose a sportsbook that accepts Indian currency and also Indian players. It should also have payment methods feasible for Indians. 

2. Make your first deposit

After successfully choosing a sportsbook and creating your account, the next step is to make your first deposit. At this step, you will be credited with the welcome bonus. You can make your first deposit using any appropriate payment method like debit or credit cards, e-wallet, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. 

3. Find horse racing

Next, go to the sportsbook sports section and find horse racing. If any of the matches are live, you can see them on the home page. Choose the horse betting event you like to bet on to begin betting. 

If no horse race is live, it shows the details of when the next race will be. Most online sportsbooks these days allow live streaming features as well. You can watch the live race streaming and place a bet on the same screen. 

4. Choose the type of bet

Next, you need to choose the bet option. You also need to find your selection and bet type. Under the bet selection, you choose the horse and player you support to win. Under the bet type, you choose the type of bet you place like – win bet, place bet, event bet etc. 

Once you have chosen both, you add it to your bet slip and after that place your wager. You can see the odds listed for each type of bet. For single bets, you place bets by adding the amount. However, you need to first add your selection to the bet slip and then place your bet for multi-bet selection. 

5. Withdraw winnings

After you place bets, you will know if you win or lose the bet, depending on the type of bet option you choose. Results of live bets are known right away. Other bets like win bet of the current case are also provided within a few hours. However, for long-term bets like tournament or event bets, you have to wait for the tournament to end before collecting your winnings (if any). 

What Are The Horse Racing Bet Types?

New to horse racing? You should first know the type of bets in horse racing. There are beginner bets as well as experts bets. The beginner’s bets are standard bets and easy to understand. Here are a few easy horse race betting types:

1. Win bet

The most common and easy is the win bet. In this bet, you select a horse and bet on his win. If your selected horse wins the race, you win the bet.

2. Place bet

Place bets are a safer option than a win bet. In a win bet, the odds are high as you win bet only if your horse wins. In the place bets, you can place bet on two possibilities. You win the bet if your horse comes on either 1st or 2nd position. 

3. Show bet

Just like the place bets, a show bet further increases the chances of winning the bet. Instead of betting for 1st and 2nd position, you also bet for 3rd position. You win the bet if your horse finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position. However, the returns on such bets are usually lower due to low risk. 

4. Single race exotics

Such bets allow you to place bets on more than on horses. In a single race exotic, you place bets on the order of finish of horses within a specific race. The more horse positions you attempt to wager, the more difficult it gets. However, the pay-outs for such bets are higher. 

5. Exacta bet

In the exacta bets, you need to predict the first two positions of horses correctly. The two horses you select should finish in the same 1st and 2nd for you to win the bet. This sort of bet is more difficult than the win, show, and place bets. This is because you need to predict the position of not one but two horses correctly. 

6. Super hive 5

The difficulty goes on increasing. Like exacta bet, you can place bets for quinella (select top two winnings horses in any order) and trifecta (select top three winning horses). Super Hive 5 involves selecting the top 5 winnings horses in the right order. 

These were some of the common types of horse racing bets. These days online sportsbooks provide plenty of betting options in every sport. The bet accumulators also allow bettors to join one or more bets together to increase the fun. 

7. Kenchi

This bet includes predicting a horse that will win a minimum of three and a maximum of 5 races. You should choose at least two winning horses for this bet. 

8. Treble

Treble is a type of long-term betting in which the bettor has to predict the winning horse of at least three different races. The bettor loses if any one of the predictions is wrong. 

Horse Race Betting Market In India

Betting on horse racing is a common sport not only in India but throughout the world. Thus, if you are a horse racing follower, you can not only bet on Indian horse racing but horse racing tournaments around the world. 

Some of the horse racing clubs in India include:

  • Delhi Race Club
  • Bangalore Turf Club
  • Madras Race Club
  • Hyderabad Race Club
  • Royal Western India Turf Club
  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club

Other popular horse racing includes:

  • Kentucky Derby
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Travers Stakes
  • Dubai World Cup
  • Stars and Stripes racing festival

And many others. With an online sportsbook, you can bet on any live horse race event worldwide.