IPL Betting Tips – Today IPL Match Prediction


IPL, or the Indian Premier League, is held every year. The cricket lovers, especially the T-20 cricket lovers, wait for every season to start. Bidding takes place in which respective team franchisers auction the cricket players from around the world. 

There are 10 IPL teams currently. The two teams Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans, were added recently. Also, Mumbai Indians have won the maximum seasons, closely followed by Chennai Super Kings. 

The names of teams in IPL are kept after the various state names in India like Rajasthan, Punjab, Lucknow, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gujarat, and Mumbai. 

IPL Betting Tips


Frequently asked questions about IPL

What is the main purpose of IPL?

The main purpose of IPL is to give a platform to budding cricketers in the country. Each IPL team buys new Indian players each season based on their performance in under 19 cricket matches, Ranji trophy etc. 

How do I start betting on IPL?

With the emergence of various online betting platforms, betting on IPL is easier and safer. You can choose any online sportsbook overseas to start betting on IPL in India. Remember to play responsibly. Bet for fun and not to earn money. 

Which is best for IPL betting? 

A popular sportsbook that provides the best welcome bonus and betting options is the best platform for IPL betting. Look for free bets, welcome bonuses, easy deposit methods, minimum withdrawal amount, and accumulator betting options when choosing a betting site

Which app is used for IPL betting?

Some of the popular IPL betting platforms have also come up with their respective apps. You can use them for IPL betting. To know the best betting apps, navigate through our site. 

What is IPL betting in India?

When the IPL season is on, the bettors can place bets on matches with the help of various online betting sites.  

It is safe to place bets on live IPL matches and even during and after a match. As long as you know your limits and play responsibly, any form of betting is safe. 

IPL betting tips to follow

If you are a beginner in cricket betting and trying your hand at IPL betting for the first time, here are some of the important tips to follow:

Set the deposit limits

Do you know various sportsbooks have the facility to set the deposit limits? This means you can set the maximum amount you can deposit within a month (keep it low). The sportsbook will not allow you to deposit any more than that. 

Similarly, you can also set limits on the betting limit. This helps the bettors not overspend their hard-earned money on betting. You can use various other deterrents while using an online sportsbook for betting. 

Keep a check on team performance

You can get a huge insight by following a team performance. Are the key players of the team in form? Does the team have a purple cap and orange cap player? What was the outcome of their last match and so? 

However, it is impossible for a bettor to keep track of past data. Placing each bet will involve an hour of research in this case. Therefore, IPL betting tips are helpful. Tipsters and experts give these tips after carefully analysing every factor that would impact the overall team’s performance. 

Such tips help you save a lot of time, and you can make an informed decision while placing bets. 

Don’t be a high roller

If you are a beginner and are facing beginner’s luck, don’t fall into the pit of increasing your bet value by a huge amount. Even if you are winning, take a calculated risk. Most punters believe they have a hand on winning if they win their first few bets. This is when there are higher chances of losing it big. To cover up the losses, they end up spending more. 

Don’t follow such betting tactics; only bet a small percentage of your income. 

Know more about IPL

If you are an Indian, you are probably way more aware of IPL. Still, if you are planning to place bets for the first time, know more just than the basics. 

It is not only important to know about the IPL teams but also the types of bets you can place. Where can you place them? What are the various betting options? Which betting type has the lowest risk? You can then follow the IPL betting tips online before placing bets. 

In cricket, you can place the accumulator bets. You can also place bets in-play i.e. during a live match. Most of the best options are easy if you know how a cricket match is played. Learn key terms like a batsman, bowler, fielder, caught behind, offside, bold, leg by etc. 

Expert IPL betting tips

The IPL betting tips and match predictions you find online follow a certain criterion. The IPL match predictions involve predicting the final outcome of the game, predicting the total number of runs (under/over) and more. 

The analysis of the expert IPL betting tips involves:

Ranking and rating analysis

The ranking chart is the one that determines the rating of each team in IPL as per the games played. After winning each game, the team collects some points on the ranking chart. The outcome of the match between a team at the top of the charts and one at the lowest is easily predictable. The win prediction will definitely be higher than the one on the top of the charts. 

Similarly, IPL betting tipsters analyse every team along with the respective team players and perform their past performance analysis. This helps them predict the result more accurately. 

Weather forecast

Whether you are looking forward to placing bets in play or not, a weather forecast can affect the match predictions quickly. For instance, a cloudy day will be favourable for bowling, whereas a sunny and bright day is favourable for the batsman. 

If there are rain chances, the match could be delayed or not played at all. In this case, it may end up in a draw or, if resumed, would be played for fewer overs. 

An IPL betting tip prediction will clearly state the expected weather forecast during the match in detail so that you can analyse your bet accordingly. Cricket is one of those sports that is highly affected by the weather, unlike many other sports. 

Pitch conditions

A pitch can decide the outcome of the game even before the toss. Some of the grounds favour bowlers, whereas there are particular grounds with small boundaries favour batsmen. On top of this, batting first at some pitch grounds can help them score runs that become difficult to chase and vice versa. 

For better analysis, you should look at the results of the match previously played on the same pitch for accurate prediction. Even the team captions during toss take the help of such analysis to choose balling or batting first when they win the toss. 

Coin toss

The analysis of the result of the coin toss can be very helpful when placing bets. If you are considering placing bets on the live match, a pre-analysis of how a game would turn out is great to start with. 

In cricket, the toss plays a very important role. Most of the time, the team who ends up winning the toss wins the match as well. It is very true for test matches. Seeing the pattern of IPL matches, the theory proved true for them too many times than it should be. 

Batsman experience and form

Both the cricketer’s experience and current form influence the match’s outcome. An experienced batsman is of no use without proper form. They can help you guide throughout the match but take a space of a good bowler or all-rounder. 

Moreover, it also depends on the form of cricket. A less experienced batsman with a good average is useful in the T-20 format but would not work for test matches. So, when batting for IPL, look for a batter with the best form rather than experience. 

The same rule applies to bowlers as well. The bowlers in the team also vary depending on the need of the pitch. Will the pitch support, spin bowlers, or fast bowlers is an important question!

When it comes to taking a team as a unit, there should be a perfect balance of newcomers and experienced players in the team to make it a strong unit. Newcomers may be inexperienced but will be better at fielding. Old players with experience will know how to perform well under pressure. In IPL, as the team includes both Indian and foreign players, there is a perfect balance of new players and experienced players. Thus, IPL betting tips help provide a better perspective of each match.