Kabaddi Betting Sites

Kabaddi may not be popular globally, but Indian players know the fun involved when playing kabaddi. The fun doubles when any sport is coupled with betting. 

The adrenaline rush that kicks in when betting on kabaddi is next level. Thankfully, Indians can relive the magic of kabaddi with the new leagues in the market. Here, after due consideration, we have listed the best kabaddi betting sites in India. We will also talk about other aspects that you should know about live kabaddi betting and more.

Top Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Rating Welcome Offer Bet Here!
100% bonus up to ₹8,000
2 22Bet
100% bonus up to ₹10,000
3 MELbet
100% bonus up to ₹20,000
4 LeoVegas
100% up to ₹10,000 extra when you bet on odds of 1.80 or higher


Frequently asked questions about Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

What is kabaddi?

A traditional contact team sport played between 2 teams comprising 7 players is often called Kabaddi. On the Indian sub-continent, this sport has been played for many centuries. The emergence of the famous Pro Kabaddi League has made this game highly popular among Indians.

Which is the best kabaddi betting site?

The answer to this question varies depending on the personal desires of each player. On this page, you will find the most recommended site for online Kabaddi betting in India.

What are popular kabaddi betting options?

The most common kabaddi betting options include betting on successful raids in a match, players who have maximum raids, outright winner team, handicap betting, and many more. 

Is it legal to bet online on kabaddi in India?

As the gambling laws of India stay silent on the legality of online gambling, it is safe to place bets on kabaddi online. 

Can I use Indian Rupees for kabaddi betting?

Yes, you can make the deposits using Indian national currency – Rupees at all betting sites listed on this page.

Can I make real money on kabaddi betting online?

Yes, a bettor can make real money betting online on kabaddi. However, it involves risks and financial loss. Hence, you should play responsibly. Before trying your luck, betting on kabaddi involves identifying opportunities and comparing the odds available on the different betting sites. 

Why Bet on Kabaddi?

Do you know how to play kabaddi? If yes, you probably know the thrill involved in a kabaddi game. You can never get bored of the kabaddi scenes in movies. Have you ever tried to bet on kabaddi games live? 

Did you know it’s possible? With the start of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, all the kabaddi lovers found a platform to enjoy kabaddi matches. The raids, tackles, and every rule involved in kabaddi make it an intense game. 

How is Kabaddi Played?

Kabaddi is an Indian sport that involves two teams. Just like any other sport, it’s played on a court. However, a kabaddi court is covered with sand all over. Each team has 12 players. 7 players from each team are allowed to be on the court. 

The game starts when a player from Team A reaches the part of the court where Team B members are present. The Team A player has to keep chanting kabaddi while touching one or more members of the other team. For team B, the object is to capture the Team A player (raider) and prevent him from returning to his half of the court. 

Kabaddi Betting Sites

How to Place a Bet on Kabaddi?

Placing bets on kabaddi is super easy. If you have ever placed bets on other sports like cricket, football, tennis, etc., you should know that placing bets on kabaddi works similarly. 

If you’re new to kabaddi betting in India, here is a step-by-step guide to placing bets on kabaddi in India. 

1. Join a kabaddi betting site

The very first step is to join the best pro kabaddi betting site in India. There are ample online sportsbooks that allow Indians to place bets on kabaddi. 

Find a suitable one with the least complicated registration process and an attractive kabaddi betting bonus. If you find that creating an account on a sports betting site takes too long, you can always move to the next betting site. 

2. Make the first deposit

Once you have picked a betting site and created your account, it is time to make the first deposit before you can place bets. Betting sites allow you to make a minimum first deposit to any other amount using an appropriate payment method. 

Choose the payment method of your choice like debit and credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, or prepaid cards. You can see the account balance in your account when your first deposit is made successfully. 

3. Get a welcome bonus

Next, it is time to get your welcome bonus. Most kabaddi betting sites offer a betting offer to first-time users. These welcome bonuses are helpful for those looking forward to playing regularly. 

Such a welcome bonus comes with a wagering requirement but can help you get free betting funds. For instance, you can receive a 150% match deposit up to Rs. 12000 etc. If you deposit Rs 100, you will receive Rs. 150 as a welcome bonus, and your account’s balance will be Rs. 250 in total. 

4. Find kabaddi under the sports section

The next step is to go to the sports section of the betting site. This is usually placed in the left vertical menu. Find kabaddi amongst the various sports and click on it. 

Also, you don’t have to find the sport if the live games are still on. You can see the live points table on the home page itself. For instance, Pro Kabaddi League usually starts in December. If you choose to bet on it, you will see the betting lines displayed on top along with other available live betting options. 

5. Start placing bets

Once you find the section for placing bets, you can select a betting option and begin placing bets. 

The user necessarily has to log in to their account and make the first deposit for placing bets. 

What is the Pro Kabaddi League?

Pro Kabaddi League is the most popular Kabaddi League in India. It involves various teams from different states of India that compete against each other to win the final title. 

It started in 2014 and is organised every year in the last week of December. The league continues for almost two months and ends in the last week of February. If you love to place bets on live kabaddi matches, pro kabaddi betting is the most popular option. 

Types of Betting on Kabaddi

Understanding and placing bets on kabaddi are super easy. It requires no extra knowledge. To make it further easier, here are some of the kabaddi betting options. 

  • Outright bets: Outright bets allow bettors to place bets on the outcome of the entire tournament or a specific match outcome. If an outright bet is placed on a match outcome, they are usually placed before the match begins. On the contrary, if the bet is placed on the outcome of the entire league/tournament, it can be placed before the beginning of the tournament or even mid-tournament. However, the more the odds, the higher the profits. 
  • Pre-match bets: Other than placing bets on outright match outcomes, there are many other pre-match bets. These are bets placed on a particular outcome of the specific match, like a player with the most tackle points, the top raider of the match, and other related outcomes. 
  • Live bets: Live bets are bets placed not before but during the match. You can place bets while it’s still on. This provides more diverse betting options like if player A will be tackled or not, if the raiders will have the upper hand etc. The bets are short-lived, and you do not have to wait longer for the outcome of bets on live matches.

Kabaddi Betting Market in India

The kabaddi betting market is not as comprehensive as other sports like cricket, football, and hockey. However, due to the presence of the Pro Kabaddi League, the kabaddi betting market in India has gained better traction. 

Through online betting sites, kabaddi betting lovers can place bets on:

1. Pro Kabaddi League (India)

The Pro Kabaddi League is the most popular and biggest Kabaddi league to bet on. It follows the IPL business model and is famous in India and Asia, where people love to place bets on Kabaddi games. 

The league holds 132 matches in two months before the eliminator round and the semi-final. Don’t forget to log in to your favourite betting site when the leagues begin in December. 

2. Kabaddi World Cup

Kabaddi World Cup came into being in the year 2004 and took the fever of kabaddi to an international level. The last world cup was held in the year 2020. Until now, only seven world cups (circle style) are held. All the tournaments are won by India except the 2020 title, which was won by Pakistan. 

The world cup is usually held in February. 

3. Women’s Kabaddi Challenge (India)

Like the Pro Kabaddi League, Women Kabaddi Challenge is an Indian kabaddi league specifically for women. 

It is not as popular as the Pro Kabaddi League, but bettors can still place bets on the outcome of matches when the league is on. 

4. Kabaddi at Asian Games

Kabaddi became part of the Asian Games in 1990 during the Asian Games in Beijing, China. India won every tournament until the year 2014. In the last Asian Games, Iran clinched its first gold medal for Kabaddi in Asian Games. 

When the games are on, you can place bets on the matches using India’s favourite online kabaddi betting sites.